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  1. ScanGaugeII Group Buy
  2. Scangauge Mounting
  3. ScanGauge II......WOW!!!!!!!!!
  4. Whats Happening
  5. New Place to Mount the ScanGauge *PICS*
  6. Zack Made Me Do It.......
  7. Fuel Pressure Reading!!!!!!!
  8. Thinking about buying
  9. Other values displayed?
  10. Any info?
  11. Can't read characters on display.
  12. Xgauges, which work on our car?
  13. X-gauge question
  14. Afr?
  15. ScanGaugeII now includes the all new Performance Monitor
  16. Boo Hoo My New Gauge is Kaput
  17. Cleared FRPS CEL on the fly
  18. Linear-Logic customer support rocks!