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09-12-2016, 10:57 AM
I must say, for my second Marauderville, I had a GREAT time! Got to see my son, fiance, and grandson who drove down from Wisconsin. Also finally met some of the "rowdy" bunch. My apologies for not saying bye to most but had to wake up early (which was quite difficult after drinking whatever that was in the mason jar till 2am), meet the family for breakfast and take off to RI.

Unfortunately, Wendy wasn't able to make it due to school starting up the same week. Hopefully, next year it'll be driveable and she'll be able to attend.

I would like to thank Mo's Speed Shop for their generous donation for the raffle...X-Cal 4 Tuner & tune!!! I would also ESPECIALLY like to thank (Ms. Denmark), for checking my numbers while I went to tinkle and grab a quick smoke! What a surprise when I got back! Hell, I was hoping for a coloring book!

Anyway, on my ride back going through I90 in MA., I rolled through these overhead cameras that flashed just prior to going under at around 90mph (in a DTR even!). I knew I would be seeing a ticket in a week or so. I passed through 3 more and cars in front of me also all hit their brakes.

This morning I Googled a little and was pleased to find this video. Life is good!


It was great seeing familiar faces, meeting new Marauder enthusiasts! I wish I could have attended more events but I don't see son & family too often.

Till next time...Peace & Love!


BTW, is there a list Screen name - Real name of attendees?

Ms. Denmark
09-12-2016, 11:08 AM
It was great to see you, Pete. So glad your car was good to go in time for MV. Yeah, you really cleaned up with that tuner! Fortunately for you I already have a Martyo tune or there's no telling what little white lie I might have tried to feed you. :D JK!

Say hi to Wendy from us and we'll look forward to next time!

09-12-2016, 01:14 PM
Hey Pete,

It was great to see you again I'm sure that the biggest bonus at Marauderville was spending time with your grandchild and the kids. And yes, we are not using the speed detection on the new tolling devices yet. But in time I suspect that our politicians may decide to use it as a revenue generator!