View Full Version : Kook's Stainless Header Kit!!! Limited time offer!

11-28-2003, 09:23 AM
Just in time for the holidays!

Can't think of what to buy yourself for Christmas? Here's the answer!

Kook's has upgraded their Header kit to T304 Stainless Steel! If you purchase their entire bolt-in kit, including cats, X pipe, and 18" Magnaflows, The ENTIRE setup can be had for $1,399.80!!

After December 15th, Pricing for the entire kit will be $1629.

So save your self a few hundred clams and give the folks at Kook's a call, you'll be glad you did!!

11-30-2003, 10:27 AM
Is there any difference other than the ceramic coating ? Seem's that the stainless would heat up allot, causing ruber and other uner the hood parts to possibly melt, if not hung with proper wire hangers. Do you know if the install is the same ?

Jim Williams

11-30-2003, 10:42 AM
Hey Logan....

How much welding is needed or is this a truely bolt on system with OEM muffler hangers etc.??:confused:

I had some FlowMasters put on a Mustang once and the installer had to cut the hangers from the OEMs and weld them to the Flows....Weren't very purty!!!:mad:

I see your system in the gallery but cannot see the muffler/tailpipe joint area. What I see looks GREAT!!!

I heard your audio file and couldn't tell much since it wasn't under load.....How is the cabin noise as compared to stock??:)


PS: My first 300 miles I got 17 MPG!! Not bad for mixed town and hiway!!:D

11-30-2003, 11:04 AM
there's no danger of anything "Melting", nor is there a heat issue. SS does a very good job of "internalizing" the heat generated. One does not typically coat a SS header. Jim, There isn't anything TO melt anywhere near the headers. Enough with the melting already!! I've been running Kook's for months now and don't have anything but great things to say.

The system is a true bolt on while utilizing the stock mufflers, can be done in a well equipped home garage. To replace the mufflers with magnaflows, the recommended procedure is to install the exhaust, clamp it to the stock mufflers, drive to a nearby exhaust shop and let them weld the magnaflows in. 20 minutes, maybe.

Cabin noise is my car is slightly elevated, but not so much that it's something outside the realm of "normal"... I also use a shorter muffler 14" vs 18". On the recommended 18" mufflers, cabin noise elevation is almost non-existent while cruising normally. Go to WOT and yes, she makes lots of noise.