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09-03-2013, 07:57 PM
Here we go guys! More vendors supporting Marauderville XI in the spotlight!!! Remember... These vendors support us.... We need to do likewise:beer:

Ok.... Part IV features a couple very accomplished shops in the metro Atlanta area. Very well known for their talents respectively......

Injected Engineering - This is the truth. Any time the local Marauder community has asked, Aric and Amber the Owners of Injected Engineering have always been there to support us. Injected Engineering has gone so far as to tune a twin V10 Viper powered Speedboat! Back at the shop, they usually have the four food groups represented.... Ford (of course) GM, Mopar and Import... It doesn't matter if it has wheels and the owner wants it to go faster handle better ect, The guys at Injected Engineering have probably done it..... Lucky we are in the ATL Mo's & Injected, Injected & Mo's either way its full of win off the HP scale! Thanks for your support Aric & Amber!:beer: I know dyno tune packages (some were raffled at our Louisville meet btw) you guys donated, will wake up another round of Marauders for sure!!!!

Hitech Transmission & Muffler Repair - Part 2 of this segment features a shop that counts in its employ a guy who knows his way around Marauders and underneath em too! Bryan Jones aka; Muffrauder out here on mm.net, is a Master Plumber of sorts... What do I mean? Well take a look under some of the fastest Marauders on the street or track and you will probably see some of his handiwork..... See a Grand Muffler badge on some Pipe? That was Bryan!:) These days he's fabbing it up over at Hitech..... He is without equal when it comes to T303 3", 2.5" work for our cars or any vehicle for that matter... Mud trucks, Pickup Trucks (Jerry Barnes Trilogy F150), track cars and thousands of other vehicles over the years. Thanks for the mega spotlight and the tee shirts Bryan & team! Guys, get with Bryan about your custom exhaust mods:bows: You will be pleased.

More to come! Stay 'tuned":popcorn:

09-07-2013, 09:02 AM
:banana2:Bumping for visibility. These guys deserve our thanks!!! In from the very beginning!!!!:banana2:

09-07-2013, 10:07 AM
Great job Mike. :banana2: