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  1. Henious Control Arms

    Got some of ADTR`s Billet arms not too long ago from Metco on the car, feels real nice!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Updated 08-29-2020 at 08:11 AM by Edward Myers

  2. Has anyone figured out how to fix door armrest?

    Quote Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
    Seems. Lot of them eventually pull out. As I was looking for a marauder I noticed so many have the door armrest pas pulled out, is there a way to push it back in and make it stay in. I haven't taken mine apart yet but was just wondering what others have done.....
  3. Finally finshed ProRauder, ready for racing now!

    Quote Originally Posted by sailsmen View Post
    WOW!! Very impressive. Good Luck with traction, always a good problem to have.

    The "parasitic" drag of the OEM drive train is about 60HP.
  4. Testing - 1,2,3

    Quote Originally Posted by sailsmen View Post
    Testing - 1,2,3

    Anybody out there?
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