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  1. Minor misfire

    [QUOTE=bluesboyst;1602052]Hi.. I have a misfire but it's not enough to set a code...It only happens when I go into 3rd or overdrive and give a little throttle...if I give it more throttle it stops. I used to get this in my towncar and I would replace some of the ignition coil boots. I have done this in the Marauder but it it still there. I am going to try replacing the coils since they are original, 20 years old now.

    Anyone have thoughts on this?

    ttw had same problem ...
  2. 03 Marauder rebuild. ARP?

    Friend and me are going to rebuild a 03 Marauder, still running but knocks. I want to daily it , drive fast sometimes, maybe install simple performance parts, all NA.

    Should I spend the money on ARP hardware or just buy oem head bolts and connecting rod bolts?

    Also where would I shop online besides summit?
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  3. Seats

    New to this sit don't know if I am doing this right. Does anybody know if I can get oem seat covers for my 04 merauder, or does anyone duplicate the seat covers?

    Thanks for any help
  4. Plugs and Coils

    Longtime Member first time question. Need plus and coils also noticed some people use different gaps on the plugs .045.054. What are the best performance Coils and plugs? I have a 2004 MM the only mods are a Marty Tune and a JLP intake. I was thinking of going with Accel Super Coils and E3 plugs, anyone else use this set up? Any and all responses are appreciated. Thanks.

  5. Looking to sell my 04 Marauder

    I have a black 04 marauder with the silver birch interior which I believe is kinda rare. Interior is perfect,dash,door panels,seats and head liner. Exterior has 2 small dings but otherwise looks nice. It does have 200k miles but has been well maintained,service and fluids on rear end,transmission and everything else on a regular basis.Im the 2nd owner and I know the original owner.I had a problem the temp rising above where it normally runs so I changed thermostat Didn't change anything so I changed ...
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