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Bake Pedal vs Gas Pedal

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1st the brakes stop the car as expected, although the pedal movement is "odd" to me. But, not all machinery "feels" the same. Different cars are well, different, so to are, airplanes, forklifts, etc. I just bought my 2004 TC, and I am getting used to how things feel.

My issue is with me applying the brake and simultaneously pressing the on the Gas pedal. I am 74, have operated dozens of vehicles, and never experienced this before. Therefore, I think perhaps it is something about these cars.

Of course, lifting my foot off the floor and moving it f-a-r to the left, f-a-r away from the Gas pedal, then putting it back down before pressing the brake pedal eliminates the problem. But, somehow, that does not feel natural, and in a "panic" stop, I revert to my normal method. Normal meaning lifting the ball of my foot off the Gas while simultaneously pivoting my foot to the left and pressing the Brake, at the same time leaving my heel still on the floor.
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