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Driver seat - help requested

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Hello-Iím new here and recently acquired a 2004 marauder. The interior is in nice shape overall with the exception of the drivers seat. I removed it and had an upholstery shop do some repairs. I reinstalled and now the recline is not working. I checked all three connections still no recline. I removed the seat and started investigating and noticed a dangling yellow plug in the rear of the seat ( I think itís for the airbag) not connected to anything. I removed the two screws on the plastic cover and found a yellow plug in there that will plug into it. My question is how do I get the wire through the seat to connect to the other? Otherwise I would have to run it outside of the seat. Any ideas on why no reclining? It all worked before I removed it. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you Roger
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  1. BLACKMARAUDER04's Avatar
    I had this happen. Disconnect the electrical connection. Spray Electronic cleaner I use CRC 11 oz cleaner from Harbor Freight SKU: 62228. Let dry re-apply. Put together. It worked for 2 days. I reapplied the cleaner and it has been fine since.
    If that doesn't work, replace switch, I have a few for sale if needed. If you get you own, make sure the plug is correct.