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ABS problems.

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Brake pedal goes almost to the floor but will stop vehicle. Not a good feeling. Replaced the master cyl and bled the brakes, farthest to nearest as required. Still no, or little brake pedal feel. Used my Matco diagnostic computer which would not communicate with the module.
Bought replacement pump and module from Fasteddie and still had same problem. Took it to Ford dealer I have always trusted and are the only ones I let touch any of my vehicles. Ford's computer, much more sophisticated that indicated a bad wheel speed sensor and confirmed that the module was faulty. Ford discontinued production several years ago. I replaced the wheel speed sensor hoping this might solve the problem but to no avail.
All brake components are new within the last couple hundred miles of driving with the exception of the booster which doesn't seem to be faulty. ??????

Any suggestions will be considered. Don't know where to go from here after once again bleeding brakes with nothing being accomplished.
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