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Engine Swap '03

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Greetings fella Rauder lovers,

I picked up an '03 in NC and it has a seized engine.

Can I put an '03 Mustang/Crown Vic/Grand Marquis 4.6 liter V-8?

Thank you kindly,

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  1. Ambitious1's Avatar
    I wouldn't. It is possible and it can be done, but for the purists that is heresy. You can easily find an 05 Lincoln Aviator DOHC engine (which is similar to the Marauder engine) for about the same price. That way you are replacing the engine with a more appropriate 32V DOHC instead of a Grand Marquis SOHC. Plus, with an 05 Aviator, you will get the improved 9-thread heads.
  2. cobra3073's Avatar
    According to my extensive research, the 2003 Mach 1 (with Automatic) is essentially the same motor as the one found in the 2003 Marauder. The intakes are different as they are "mirror" images of each others.
  3. Edward Myers's Avatar
    That would be a considerable downgrade. It can be done but it in away voids what makes the marauder special.