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Marauder 4.6L DOHC Engine - 3W3Z-6007-AA
Marauder 4.6L DOHC Block - 1L2Z 6010 BA
PCM - 3U7Z-12A650-AMA
Valve Cover Right - 3W3Z-6582-AA
Valve Cover Left - 3W3Z-6582-BA
Coil Cover Right - F7LZ-6P067-AA
Coil Cover Left - F7LZ-6P067-BA
Upper Intake gasket - XR3Z-9E436-AC
EGR valve assembly - 3W4Z-9D475-AC
Air cleaner assembly - 3W3Z-9600-BA
Motorcraft paper air filter - FA 1745
K&N air filter - 33-2272
Fuel gauge sender unit - 2W1Z-9275-AB
Stock fuel filter - FG986B
Upgraded (larger) fuel filter - FG800A (requires bracket below)
Upgrade filter bracket - F57Z-9A335-A
Fuel filter clips - 2F1Z-9A317-AA (they're $7. Each.)
80MM MAF sensor - 3W3Z-12B579-AA
AutoMeter oil pressure gauge kit (includes sender) 4327
Crankshaft position sensor - 1W7Z 6C315 AB
Cam position sensor - 1F3Z 6B288 AB
Oil filter drain deflector - 5W1Z-6N634-AA
Retainer clips for radiator shield - W706519-S300


Torque converter (approx 2700 stall) - 2W3Z-7902-AARM
Drive shaft - 3W3Z-4602-AA
PI drive shaft - XW7Z-4602-AA
Tail shaft housing - F5UZ-7A039-A
Transmission/Power steering fluid cooler - YW1Z-3F749-AA
AutoMeter Trans. Temperature Gauge (includes sender) - 4357
AutoMeter Temp Gauge Manifold (for 5/16" lines) - 2287
Transmission Pan w/Drain Plug - F8UZ-7A194-AA

Rear End

Rear axle kit - 3W1Z-4A109-AA
Pinion seal - F89Z-4676-AA

TA Performance -
Rear-end girdle - TA 1806
Stud kit - TA 1816

Ford Racing -
4.10 Ring and Pinion Set - M-4209-G410
Ring & pinion installation kit - M 4210B
Axle bearing kit - M 1225B
Traction kit (clutch plates & additive) - M 4700B
Rear-end girdle - M-4033-G1
Stud kit - M-4034-A


Muffler to tip RH - 3W3Z-5230-BA
Muffler to tip LH - 3W3Z-5230-BB
Megs exhaust tips (without resonators) - C-15-04076-2


2003 Interceptor rims (for winter tire package) (215/65-16s {front} and 225/70-16s {rear} recommended to maintain an accurate speedometer) 3W7Z-1007-CA
Gas tank shield - 3W7Z-9B007-AA
Left PI rear spring (air spring replacement) - F8AC-5560-HA
Right PI rear spring (air spring replacement) - F8AC-5569-HA
235/50ZR18 G-force T/A (front tire) - 9OO4-64168
245/55ZR18 G-force T/A (rear tire) - 9OO4-40913
Tokico front shocks - ASH-83
Tokico rear shocks - ASH-84
LH coil spring - 3W1Z-5310-DA
RH coil spring - 3W1Z-5310-EA

Brake line kit (4PIECES):

w/Traction Control = 3W3Z2C296AA
w/o Traction Control = 3W3Z2C296BA

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