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Originally Posted by RF Overlord View Post
So fill us Corey said, that doesn't look fixable without WAY too much effort and expense.

Sorry that happened to your Dad's car...

So, my dad decided to let someone borrow his car for the evening because it was such a nice night (I'm not going to say who for their own privacy). Both my dad and this person were police officers with extensive training in pursuit driving, so he definitely trusted the person with the Marauder. The person and a +1 took the car to a movie theater a few miles away, and everything went fine. At dinner, before the movie, they each had a drink with their meals. Unfortunately, the person driving was injured on the job a few years earlier, and was taking pain medication, which does not mix well with alcohol. They had forgotten they took the pain meds, and it didn't even occur to them that they were compromised. On the way home from the theater, (and this was at about 2 am as the movie was a midnight showing). A car either pulled out in front of (as the driver stated) or was going slow in front of (as the local police stated) the Marauder. At this point the driver of the Marauder moved into the passing lane and accelerated, unfortunately, they put their foot down too hard, and lost control, causing the car to spin. The Marauder and its two occupants flew sideways off the road and into a tree. Beyond the tree was a drop-off and then a river, so it's probably for the best that they hit the tree. The car's point of initial impact was at about head height, as the car had left the road due to the downward slope. The car fully impacted the tree without ever triggering the airbag sensor. The airbags never deployed.

The car actually cut out the brush, and for about 6 months after the accident, you could still easily see the outline of a marauder, along with flakes of blue paint, skid marks, and broken glass on the ground. That was until I finally got sick of seeing the mess and went over to the scene of the accident to clean it up.

At the scene of the accident, the rear left tire was still firmly in place, and the whole front end was in tact. The front end was accidentally ripped off by the tow company, who were entirely irresponsible. They also removed the rear tire, and I can't remember why, I just remember that it was a stupid reason, and they were being incompetent and lazy. In the process of removing the car, they had done much more damage than necessary.

The passenger was uninjured. The passenger had more to drink than the driver, and was unaware of their actions. They were also a police officer. When first responders reached the scene, there were no visible injuries to the driver, and the driver was not acting as if they were in pain. When the officers began to question the driver, the passenger began to defend the driver and demand that the driver be taken to the hospital rather than questioned. The on scene local police did call for an ambulance, but also did field sobriety tests on both individuals. Of course the driver, who was pretty badly injured, could not complete the test. Due to the medication the driver was on, and the fact that both the passenger and driver were police officers at one point or another, an "example" was made out of the driver as the judge believed they should be held to a higher standard. They were charged with a DUI, and lost their license. Despite the fact that they, the driver, were the only injury in the accident.

The driver had a punctured lung, two broken ribs, a broken arm, and some muscle damage in the left shoulder that was made worse by the accident.

The Marauder was taken by the insurance company, and while I don't think that it's right for me to say how much he got for the car, I can say that the company was definitely fair, if not more than fair in their valuation. They offered the car back to him at $3000, which was not a good deal for him, because he would also lose the money he would be receiving as compensation. He decided to let the marauder go, because there was a good amount of buzz surrounding it here on He was semi convinced that one of the people who wanted to buy it from him, would purchase it at auction, and rebuild it. That being said, he believed it was impossible as the frame was bent. I believe otherwise, considering that the doors on the passengers side were perfectly aligned, and the only damage on the passenger's side was a bent rear fender, which would be from the frame bending, but that was behind the wheel well.

The floor mats, cigarette lighter, and hubcaps were removed, and the car went up for auction. The reserve was set at $3000, and surprisingly enough, it sold, first try. It may have been able to sell because the motor was still in good running condition and the car could be started, and left running. The rear wheel and front bumper, along with the grill were tossed in the rear seat before the auction began, and pictures were taken.

My dad used the money from the Marauder combined with the sale of his DD, a 2000 Mountaineer, to purchase a new 2010 Taurus SHO. Oddly enough, he ended up with a performance package SHO, which is what he wanted, and apparently there were less than 1,000 of those built in 2010, but I don't think they'll ever be collectible.

I don't know if they were attempting to pass, or avoiding a car pulling out from their right, but regardless, everyone is still around, and the accident was a true testament to the incredible strength and build quality of the Marauder, and every panther platform car.
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