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Originally Posted by PileOfGeorge View Post
Oh, things like the cigarette lighter, hubcaps, leather jacket, dealership key, had the floor mats (gone now), original paperwork + poster, and some other stuff. If the car was still around, I'd hand it off to the current owner, but since it seems like it's not, I'll be hangin onto that stuff for the future.


Originally Posted by PileOfGeorge View Post
It's very unfortunate, and it was definitely a shame to see such a beautiful, rare car go from mint condition to salvage in an instant. That being said, that accident is the reason I'm planning on picking up 2 marauders. One as a show car, and one as a DD. Probably won't happen, but I'm keeping my eyes open. But yeah, the passenger walked away without injury, and the driver walked away with 2 broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a broken arm, which for that accident, is incredible. The panther platform is incredible.

I got your show car. v
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