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Pull the brush pack off, is one brush stuck or worn out? When my alt stopped working, one of the brushes was done.

Its just a few screws 4 to pull the bracket, and i think 2 more for the brush pack. I dont think the pulley is the issue (ya never know), you can get the pulley for free at a bone yard.

Also the MGM has the clutch too..

Let us know.

PS/ I think its funny is nobody really talks much about the alt here, i was wondering if the cop car 200 amp with our PWM regulator bolted on to it would make it work. IDK... too many irons in the fire at the moment. But that would be cool if we could get a cop car one, and bolt our regulator on it and have a simple mod swap for our cars thats ford proven. Aftermarket and reman can suck my left one
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