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Not so harsh!

Many of us use an air/oil separator in our PCV system to keep gunk out of the SC and IC. It looks like any other air/oil separator out there with the exception of a larger bowl and different kind of filter.

It's the 'hype' that's freaking everyone out. It's true that oil will reduce your octane through the PCV. This is another reason I chose to add and air/oil separator.

It's kinda pricey for 179, considering you can get a Moroso for 100, a Jeg's for 50 and make one yourself for about 30.

The idea is sound. The hype is too much but it seems it WOULD do it's job. Fuel savings? I dunno. Cleaner engine and less octane loss due to junk, I believe it.

Would I buy it? Nope. Made my own.

Thanx, though for bringing it to our attention. I too, am sick and tired of the 'dogpile' mentality when a member brings us another option!
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