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Trilogy swap

Hey guys Iím new to the MM
I have had my first 03 with 53k on for a few months now.
Car runs like a bear and all stock, I love it. It does need paint and I have scheduled it to be painted but I have not dropped it off yet. So Iím super confident in the paint shop but looking at $6000 done right. Then I found another 03 MM trilogy number 165 ( I believe, not sure how anyone can tell) some may have seen on jersey CL or ebay, under 60k on it. I bought it, had it shipped , the owner seemed honest but miss led me. I guess I should have slowed my roll and took some time to make sure the car was what I was led to believe it was. Anyway the car looks good to the eye from what I can see ( it was on open trailer and the weather has been snowing so had to tell exactly whatís going on with the exterior) I believe it has had some paint work, some interior work, audio work and the car is running like ****. I put the scanner on it and itís running 2 transmission codes but the car feels like it skipping. The engine sound good and the transmission seemed to shift good for the less than 1 mile drive I took it on.
I was going to sell my original 53k MM and keep the new one for obvious reasons, now Iím thinking to keep and paint my original and swap the trilogy.
I wasnít sure if there is a matching number type of history from car to super charger and if it would effect
What do you guys think or suggest?
Thanks in advance
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