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I had a few loose ends to fix before starting her up. I got Marty to send me a startup tune and from there on Jeff will remote in and do his magic. Last week we were set for our first session when he noticed my O2 sensors were way out of range for the amount of time the car had been running. I hadn't mentioned it till then but I didn't finish welding up my lead pipes to connect the new LT's to the back half of the exhaust system. At the time I was running open headers.

I'm going to run her with no cats just so I can get it done quick. I weld up a set of lead pipes and much to my surprise she's not as loud as I imagined. Jeff and I will set another date for him to do the remote tune but it was nice to hear her run for the first time.

I didn't prime anything, just threw the key and Viola!!! She started right up.

No clicks, no taps, no issues.

All I have left is to fabricate a new throttle cable bracket and design the new PCV system then she's ready to hit the streets.

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