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Originally Posted by russell072009 View Post
why couldnt you block the heater core intake at the crossover tube on the front of the engine, route the passenger head to intake for the core and tie the core out to the drivers side head and run it in to the upper hose? i don't know where the flow out of the heater core goes.
Punctuation is your friend, but this ^^^^ is how most of the 4Vs & 2Vs work.
coolant leaves the rear of the pass head, to the HC and the the return from the HC goes under the intake to the back of the water pump.

After reviewing the MM engine cooling system, I always wondered why they did it that way. Personally I think it's because of the A/C box on the firewall, and the wideness of the 4V. The heater core supply for the 2V actually comes out of the top of the pass head, where the 4V HC supply comes out the rear of the pass head. Kinda tougher to plumb that with that A/C box in the way.
Here's how I solved that:

It's not for everyone, and it took a lot of work. but the 4V is wide, and so is that A/C box. Panthers are unique in the modular community for having their HVAC boxes mounted on the firewall. All or most of the chassis that the 4.6 modular motors came in (outside of the Econoline vans and some others) have the HVAC box mounted inside the cabin, which leaves a lot more room in that area...
This will fit a 5.4 DOHC BTW, already took the

Either way, the MM cooling system is not that different from the familiar one, only that it exits the crossover instead of the rear of the cylinder head.
Returns to the back of the water pump either way.
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