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Thread: Carfixer's Alignment Specs

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    Carfixer's Alignment Specs

    Courtesy of Carfixer

    The inside edge wear of the front tires is caused by 2 things: negative camber and negative toe (toe out). Caster is not a tire wearing angle. The outside edge wear can be caused by excessive toe in and aggressive cornering.

    Factory camber spec is -.5 degrees or- .75 degrees
    Factory toe spec is -.15 degrees or- .20 degrees
    (BTW, this info came from their website which is updated periodically and may differ from previously published material, such as cd's and paper manuals)

    That means your alignment could have -1.25 degrees of camber and toe out of -.35 degrees and still be in the "green". This will wipe out the inside edges in <20K miles IMO.

    All of the MM's I've aligned (about 10) had at least -1.0 degrees of camber and always toe out of -.10 degrees or more from the factory. That's why almost all MM's you see have excessive inside edge tire wear.

    For best tire wear, here is what I use on all MM alignments:
    Camber: 0 to -.3 degrees.*
    Toe: Zero degrees.
    Caster: 5-6.5 degrees positive with .3 degree lead on the right side.

    *Camber can affect cornering feel. The more negative camber you have, the better it will handle corners. Most drivers will never feel the difference, especially on the street.
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    I was just looking for this, perfect!

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