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Thread: Jersey Area Marauders mini-meet Saturday October 22, 2016

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    Just back from the mini. Small group but we had a good time. Weather was marginally cooperative.

    One Silver Birch(jsignorrelli) and one black Titan(Mr. Man and Ms. Denmark) as I didn't want to filthy up the somewhat clean MM's.

    Wines were a mixed bag and early dinner at the Bluefish grille was very tasty.

    Thanks to the Signorrelli's for making the trip down.

    Ms. D might have a few pics.

    Catch the rest of you at the next one, wherever it is.

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    Had some friends over last night. Two bottles of wine are not in the history books.

    Joanne and I had a great time. The fish & chips at the Blue Fish grill was to die for. It was far better than what we got in London at the pubs (only real dining in London).
    Have already started my planning for the Carlisle, All Fords Show in June.

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    We had a great time yesterday! Very nice Autumn scenery and the best company. Brought home a few bottles of wine from both of the wineries and will definitely go back to the Blue Fish was great! Thanks for joining us!
    IMG_1171.jpg Unionville Winery


    IMG_1168.jpgJoanne with the Silver Birch.


    IMG_1195.jpgOld York Vineyards

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