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Thread: Marauders @ GM B-Day 2017

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    Smile Marauders @ GM B-Day 2017

    Our European Marauder group has been invited to represent at GM B-Day, Europe's annual GM B-Body meeting in Stuttgart, Germany. Although it's called the B-Day, Ford owners have been turning it into an unofficial Panther-Day as well so both brands are represented. I've already attended last year together with a friends Impala SS which eventually led to the magazine article I have shared here before so this year the organizer challenged me to show up with as many Marauders as I could bring together that day with the challenge being to outnumber the Impala SS crew. If there would be more Marauders than Impalas representing at this years B-Day, the organizer agreed to officially change the name to also include the Ford Panther Platform for next years event too.

    Needless to say I've accepted the challenge, we were originally planning to show up with 4 Marauders but unfortunately 1 of them backed out at the last minute due to an accident and yet we still managed to beat the Impalas at 3 vs 2. Last years count was 4 Impalas and 1 Marauder.

    They even had a photographer who took pictures but unfortunately he left before our third Marauder showed up so you will only see 2 Marauder in these pictures.

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    Pretty bad ass! I had no idea American service cars had such a following?

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    Great gathering and pictures. Thanks!
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