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Thread: 10spd auto in a panther chassis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Walsh View Post
    You must be talking about the 1/2 that Chevy engineered...

    I don't know about this trans in a Panther but it surely works well in my new 2019 Ranger EcoBoost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MyBlackBeasts View Post
    Gear vendor is the way to go, far superior to the 10sp A/T.
    Quote Originally Posted by Taemian View Post
    Gotcha. I went to the Gear Vendor site, but didn't see any for our application. Did I miss something, or are they not making them anymore?
    Same. I was just looking at the Gear Vendors site and it seems they don't support our transmission. Which one fit?
    Also, how does it shift in normal driving? Does it drive like an 8 speed auto, or are you manually turning it on and off?

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    I have a new 10 GT with the auto 10 speed. That thing is fantastic. And yes before I purchased a GT convertible I was this close to buying a GT350, now that is a driving experience but at this point in my life the auto makes a lot of sense and its a great trans.

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    I just need one more gear to have tach at 1200 rpm at 75 mph...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Marauder View Post
    I just need one more gear to have tach at 1200 rpm at 75 mph...
    My 6th is an overdriven overdrive that hums at around 1,900 at 80 IIRC. Its almost deafening with drone and has little to no acceleration..

    I wish there was a 5.5 gear as 5th is more than fine but feels a bit too high with excessive engine rpm when compared to 6th which is useless till at minimum 90MPH. My trans can push the GT500 that it came from up to 202MPH in stock form. I just wish it was a better highway trans as my 4.10s feel like the perfect match for any other speed/gear.

    Id be curious on the 10sp capabilities.

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    I assume nothing came from this, or it is giving them heck of a lot of problems to have never posted an update.

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