Have a friend that worked for the local Ford dealer, he had to deliver a new F150 to a dealer in Milwaukee. The truck slowed down an came to a complete stop in the left lane of I94. Completely freaked him out. He finally realized the ACC didn't like the flashing construction barricade that was hanging in the the lane a few inches. He had to shut the cruise off to be able to move again. Thank goodness it was not a heavy traffic time of the day. The people behind him were far enough back to lane change quickly to avoid him (along with some middle fingers thrown in his direction). All this tech is a bad thing, it also is eroding the skills of driving. ABS & TC have created higher accident frequency, just less injuries due to air bags & crumple zones. It makes the ignorant drivers drive crazy thinking they are A-Ok. "I have TC, ABS, ACC, AutoPilot, GPS, Auto Headlamps, Automatic Wipers so I can drive 80mph in heavy snow & ice"... Who hasn't seen hundreds if not thousands of these people fly by them on the road.