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Thread: Any vendors we can contact for new Floor mats?

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    Ambitious1 ... The prices of these pickup trucks are reaching the level of high-end luxury cars.
    That's because snowflakes keep demanding high-end luxuy car features.

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    When gas goes back up to $4.00+/gal....and it will,
    the "I need a 4x4 crew cab SuperDuty to drive my lone azz to work while looking cool" crowd will abandon trucks and FORD will be left with only the Mustang and NO sedans to offer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gdmjoe View Post
    That's because snowflakes keep demanding high-end luxuy car features.
    I sell Fords and the luxury truck market is not aimed at the snowflake millennial generation, its older men based on what I move. With that said, why not have nice trucks to compete in the luxury market? The demand is there for sure. I enjoyed my F-150 Limited because it looked great, rode beautifully and I could haul crap when I needed it. The "a truck is a tool for work" line is a load of BS. Work trucks are still available and just because one person doesn't see the value or can't afford it doesn't mean there isn't an ass for the seat. Just my observations from the guy that moves the metal.
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