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Thread: Crown Vic lx sport

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent2006 View Post
    The Crown Vic Sport is a nice car.

    The Marauder is a nice MACHINE.

    I'd say they are the same in terms of reliability. I was driving my Marauder today, and I noticed how much smoother and willingness to rev the 4V is. Don't get me wrong I love the 4.6 2V too, but it is not the same. In terms of value, the CV Sport is just a CV to 99% of the buyers out there, I actually prefer column shift due to more leg room.

    Premium vs regular gas- so what. Get a used fiesta if you are concerned about commuting costs. I rented one down in Orlando a week ago - Great little buzz bomb! I got 36 mpg flying in it.
    I feel this way as well.
    I just did the opposite of your plan:
    Sold my known good reliable 145k mile all black CVLX Sport, added cash and got a minor cosmetic paint issue 1 owner Marauder with 119k.
    It is definitely NOT a crown vic.
    It is, however, not a princess.. It has 4 studded snows on cv wheels and is driven daily. In summer, it will stand proud on sweet MM wheels and grippy tires. I added Addco sway bars, which my Sport had.

    Way more pride and fun every day in the MM than what I thought I had in the Sport.
    If your MM is at 119k and not perfect - it's the perfect daily driver to me.
    I would not sell my 119k great running but 'could use paint' MM to MAYBE get a lower mile and nicer CVLX Sport. Why?
    I'd rather not run up a clean low mile Sport!

    When I do, and will, get another Sport - it will be on one end or the other. A great deal on a low mile, mint princess, and treated as such. Or another 1xxk mile good used car, and driven daily with pride.
    good luck, whatever you do.
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    I too have both and to me they are similar but different cars. The CVSport is more civilized and an easier car to drive in traffic, and much less stressful to leave unattended in a parking lot etc... I mean hey... It is just a tarted up CV. Rear bumpers are $108 (ask my son how he knows), and my sons front right bumper corner recieved a slight blemish (seriously wouldn't even notice it) and he cracked the front right blinker ($28 delivered over night via Amazon) while the idiot' car that pulled out in front of him sustained $3,200 worth of damage. Seriously a tough sled!

    The Marauder is much more silky speed wise, and torque wise... But I can only watch the rear view mirror in traffic--three time I've evaded someone slamming into my rear bumper.

    All of this said, a clean Sport is $5000-$10,000. And anything you buy will probably need a few things. If your Marauder had 24,000 on it... And was I showroom condition, It would be one thing, but with 100,000 plus... I'd keep it and drive it whenever you feel like it. It isn't going to depreciate any more, and I don't think you will find a nice clean CVSport that could replace it... Although there is a 30,000 mile red for sale in Chicago that looks as new for $8,000.

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    2004 CV HPP Silver Birch, 93,000 miles. Son's DD, 18 Chrome Wheels w 235/265 front/back Nitto tires (thank you Lowndex!)

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