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    Has anyone eliminated the mufflers and left everything else stock? If so how was it?

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    I’ve heard it on another members. Sounded good at idle, but rev it at all and I hated it. Google crown Vic muffler delete. There has to be some videos I’d imagine and it wouldn’t be any different really.

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    EDIT: Found an old youtube video I guess I made.

    I have this set up currently on my car. Did it years ago as I was 19 and didn't have the funds to do what I really wanted (stainless works system). Haven't touched the car in 2 years unfortunately and I do not have any videos.

    Insight I can provide: Sounds throaty and mean at idle but not that loud. Drone is pretty bad, but im young so I didn't and still don't give 2 sh***. Cruising speeds doesn't sound bad but it can be annoying at times. Punching it gets loud.

    It is certainly not my favorite exhaust note, but again, it was free and I wanted to experiment with my car so to each their own. If you want to cut up the stock exhaust and make changes, chop the mufflers and fire it up, see how you like it. If it doesn't suit you, then play around. Everyone is different so you just need to find what you're looking for!

    Good luck!
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