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Thread: MartyO/Jeff are absolutely AMAZING!

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    MartyO/Jeff are absolutely AMAZING!

    As the title says! I bought an Xcal4 and a tune from MartyO literally 5 years ago. After some brain tumor issues for years, I'm back on the road and needed to get a remote tune from his shop. When he says "tunes for life", he really means it.

    After a few false starts (completely on my part) with logging on my laptop over the past two YEARS, I took it to a dyno locally and had Jeff remote tune. Did I mention that I gave them less than 24 hours notice? I never expected them to do this, thinking I'd have to rebook the local dyno for the next week, but MartyO pulled it off. I think Jeff even missed his lunch to do this, and he was the complete and total professional in putting my local dyno operator at ease.

    I haven't made MartyO any money for 5 years, and even then it was only $400 for the Xcal and $500 for the tune. With cars, that's chump change yet he still treated me like I was part owner of some mega company. I currently work on the tv show "The Flash", and rarely have I had as smooth a business transaction that I did with MartyO. Simply amazing.

    The local dyno operator was also very impressed with the tune, as he hasn't had many good experiences with remote tuning. For the same level of my mods, he said he normally sees noticeably less horsepower in the SVT Terminator Cobras around here. When I took it out on the road, I actually had to check if it was still running because it was so smooth!

    I will report back after the next dragstrip visit on July 05. Having just gotten this tune and some Nitto NT-05Rs, my 12.8 is looking much closer to a 12.5 ( I made a huge hp gain) But even if my 1/4 mile time only drops a little, the drivability alone was worth the dyno cost.

    I cannot emphasize enough the incredible service I got from MartyO's shop. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who needs anything Marauder/automotive related. If I didn't live in Canada, he'd be my one stop shop.

    Admin, if this is not posted in the proper section, I apologize, and feel free to move it wherever.

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    I agree the driveabilty portion of tuning is worth it alone!
    You "feel" the difference because you want to "feel" the difference. Since you just spent money on the upgrade you "have" to feel the difference

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    I wholeheartedly agree Marty, Jeff and his crew are the best. Luckily I live close enough I can go to his shop if needed. I just recently purchased a new Xcal4 (because my Xcal2 was slightly outdated) and they installed a couple of new programs to try and fix my shifting problems. They always surprise me with what they can do.
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    Agreed +3

    Marty helped an extremely great local mechanic with some sage "soft" advice... And at the end of the solution set, my local guy did what Marty offered up, and the issue was resolved!

    Marty and his crew are so good, they can work on and fix cars over the phone! My favorite line is when he says, "Hey Grant, pull the car closer to the phone so I can see and hear it."

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    These guys are great. I had the infamous spark plug thread issue happen recently and they were able to tackle and fix with minimal downtime.

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    Thanks guys!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by martyo View Post
    Thanks guys!!!
    No thank yous guys.

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    Marty...Blah, Blah, Blah....Jeff...Blah, Blah, Blah,....MartyO's Speed Shop...Blah, Blah, Blah... Truth is Marty and staff have backed up their work with me - no complaints. Had an issue earlier this year while on the road in Florida. Local shop contacted Marty and patched up the issue until I could get it back to Marty. MartyO corrected the issue and Marauder is running well. Crap happens. Remarkable, considering the number of hands that have been under the hood since the original visit to MartyO's shop last year.
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