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Thread: New member, looking to buy a Marauder.

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    Zachary, Louisiana

    New member, looking to buy a Marauder.

    Hello all from Louisiana! I'm currently in the process of trying to find a Marauder and I am wanting to get to know a bit more about the car and what to look out for before purchasing, I look forward to hearing y'alls advice.

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    Welcome to the board. Tell us why you are interested in Marauder? What do you know about the 3rd gen (2003-2004) Marauder? Plenty available on AT, FB, CL, you name it. Even though I use "y'all" in conversation as its common southern vernacular, I NEVER use it in writing - too cheesy.
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    Zachary, Louisiana
    Hi Joshua, to answer your questions, I have been looking for a car to replace my 1993 F150 a daily, my parents have been pushing 4-6 cyl front wheel drive econo boxes, bleh, I originally hit on the idea of getting a CVPI, but they usually are dogged out and to get them to "liveable" would take more work than the car is worth, enter the marauder ut has the chassis and suspension upgrades and a stronger motor all the while having leather seats and all the creature comforts and still being easy to work on and parts are plentiful being a panther platform car.

    My knowledge of the marauder and panther platform is kinda limited, hence joining a group like this.

    I kinda had to use y'all just to be cheesy but yeah for the most part not good in text.

    Look forward to hearing from you guys.
    ^^my other regional vernacular from Jersey/NY "you guys")^^

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    Y'all > Ya'll > You guys

    I'm in Baton Rouge, not too far from you. I just picked up my first Marauder ('04 Silver Birch) a few months ago. I had to go to the Tampa area to get it, so you might want to be prepared to travel a bit to find the right car. I haven't seen anything very clean or affordable in these parts in the last couple of years when I was looking.

    If you want to look one over in person for any reason, you're more than welcome to look at mine. You can also hear what the dreaded tick from the driver's side head sounds like (look up "Marauder cooling mod").

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