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Thread: Vortech Supercharger belts shreding

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    Unhappy Vortech Supercharger belts shreding

    I have come again to talk to the experts.

    How can I get the correct shims installed in my car so that the belt will not get chewed up?

    My brand new 2003 MM was modified by Kenny Brown with a Vortech supercharger that worked well for several years. Then I had it upgraded with a new Ford 5.3 liter engine and new supercharger installed by Dez Racing in Massachusetts. It worked well and produced 600 RWHP. But I had to replace the supercharger belt twice in one year. Another company in my industrial park said he knew how to improve the life. (He works with a number of foreign high performance vehicles.) So I said to him to try his idea.

    So after driving the car for about a month the belt failed catastrophically (I almost lost my complete steering ability). He tried to align the pulleys and then gave up. Now my car was in a far worse condition than what I had before my new "problem solver" made his changes.

    He called Vortech and they told him that the shims, pulleys etc. are supplied by others. They only sell superchargers. My new mechanic went to one of the "other companies" who sold these parts. They told him that he had to buy a whole new supercharger to get these parts from him. I already spent about $40,000 to get the entire upgrade already with a new supercharger!

    I would go back to DEZ but there is another issue with DEZ that I will discuss later.

    I need a new performance shop to solve this problem. I live very near to the Boston area and greatly appreciate names of other competent performance shops in hopefully a 50 to 75 mile radius of Boston.

    So what to do?

    Thank you for reading my story.

    Blue Waterman

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    Do you have a six or eight rib belt? Do you have any pictures of your set up?
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    Pictures would help us determine what is not aligned correctly. If you could show us the belt, or well, at least let us know which side of it is wearing out, it might help.
    I think imgur is a decent photo upload place, photobucket is horrible now. Good luck trying to load pictures from your home computer to this site, i tried the other day and this site is ****ed.
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    It's imperative that all the old belt debris be removed. It is not soluble. It must be removed by hand from all the pulleys, etc.

    Inspect all that the belt contacts to make certain any parts are not jamming under load.

    It takes a patient tech to get the belt aligned.
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    Also double check all other pulleys and make sure they spin freely.
    You "feel" the difference because you want to "feel" the difference. Since you just spent money on the upgrade you "have" to feel the difference

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    Sorry for my delay in responding.

    I still work full time at 78 yrs. and have added to my burden my brother with serious dementia.

    I will review all of the responses and then respond otherwise my car is essentially undriveable.

    Thank you for your thoughts

    Johnny BluewaterMan

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    I couldn't miss reading this simple statement of truth.

    Thank you blazen71

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    i also have a vortech a v3 it ate 3 belts. most important is the shop. i found a place that specializes in fords. they had it fixed in no time. turned out the wrong sized belt was the prob. no issues since. thats one draw back to a one belt system.

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    You may want to talk with DMC Racing in Halifax, Ma.
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    Burt ragio

    My brother is now stabilized as well as he can be. Now it is time to fix my car. I'll keep all of you up to date.

    Thank you for your suggestion of DMC Racing in Halifax.

    Blue Water man

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    Jerry's Taxi was giving him all kinds of belt problems.

    Ended up being the tensioner was cracked on the back side so it wasn't visible and this had it off just enough to cause him big belt problems.

    Good luck with the repair!

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    Thank you very much for that suggestion.

    I'm piling up the suggestions from everyone.


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