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Thread: Protecting the Windshield

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    Protecting the Windshield

    I just had to have the windshield replaced and I am looking for the best recommendation on any product that may protect the windshield from any minor scratches or tiny chips from daily driving. I use Invisible Glass to clean it, but I am looking specifically for any product that can add a layer of protection without negatively impacting the clarity of the windshield. I was thinking of the Meguiar's Synthetic X-Press Spray Wax which some professional detailers use on the side windows, but I don't know if they use it on the windshield. I am hesitant to use just anything and then have the windshield get cloudy or have some other issue. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you in advance.

    This is what I was thinking:

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    I learned with rock chips nothing can stop it but 3m film protection. I plan on doing my front bumper cover with it when it gets resprayed.
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    Getting a NASCAR windshield with "Tear Offs" is about the only way......State Inspections ought to be fun too!!
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    Buy good glass..Carlite... chain places use cheaper glass..There are no products that will minimize chips, sand blast effect other than don't drive it. Don't turn wipers on dry..It's $250 to replace with Carlite when needed..pocket change in the cost of an auto mobile
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