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    TCE update

    Greetings everyone. Been a while since I passed by this way for sure!

    Want MM owners to know that TCE is eliminating the current 13" rear kit due to a caliper change. The current caliper- NMDP (that's Narrow Mount Dyna Pro) pn 120-10521 has been discontinued. TCE was probably one, if not the, most active buyer. We had them custom powder coated for our kit needs and purchased them in lots of 20pc over the past dozen or so years. There are no direct replacement models for this for a variety of mount reasons.

    Future plans for a 13" rear kit are a bit sketchy. We have altered many things over the years trying to use more Wilwood off the shelf rotors than our own custom made 'rings' and we have done a 14" rear kit for the past year or so. I confess it's a rather messy, complicated ordeal due (not unlike the 13s to a point) to the parking brake mount pate and such. I have some further ideas on what we may try or we'll just move straight to the 14s and forget about a 13......that's probably the reality. Because of the caliper change, the need for yet another bracket, test fitting etc. the price from 13 to 14 is minimal. Sometimes it's just easier to say 'no' and move on.

    That said I have ONE pair of BLACK and one pair of RED calipers left in stock. If you were on the fence about buying a 13" rear kit.....well, now's probably a good time to pull the trigger. No, I'm not dropping the price, it's still a good deal at $1600. BUT! When these two pair are gone that's it. And be it known; they are used on the rear of the Impala kit also. But like the MM there are not that many 'small' kit sales today as we had back when. How long will I have them; a week, a month, six months? No idea.

    Email me if you want one:
    Your one stop...for Wilwood brakes.

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    Todd, please call me on the red kit, I have someone who needs them! Does the affect the Zack / Jerry brake line kits?
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    Get with me on Monday please.


    Has no bearing on hoses, the kit comes with the necessary rear lines and fittings.
    Your one stop...for Wilwood brakes.

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    Both kits still available. No call on Monday...
    Your one stop...for Wilwood brakes.

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    Noting today: in addition to the one pair or black and one pair of red calipers I have two pair of rear hats/drums in stock for the (now defunct) 13" kit.

    These parts are necessary to the build on the 13" kit as they are your parking brake drum.

    That said, and no plans to make more of them in the 8 bolt configuration with a change in parts I've opted to drop the price to 'move them out' to $1500. That's black or red (first come first served) slotted rotors and the usual parts. Drilled and slotted up charge $150. Subject to the same refundable $300 core charge. Plus shipping.


    TWO remaining

    Call or email please. Once these two are gone it will be the 14" kit only.
    Your one stop...for Wilwood brakes.

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    As of today there are ONE pair of RED calipers remaining for the production of a 13" Rear Big Brake Kit.
    Your one stop...for Wilwood brakes.

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    UPDATE: as of this past week TCE no longer has the 13" Rear Kit available. The default rear will be a 14" kit with the larger FNSL4 model caliper.
    Your one stop...for Wilwood brakes.

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