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Thread: 2003 Marauder 4 sale

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    2003 Marauder 4 sale

    2003 BLACK / grey leather interior Mercury Marauder
    Fully optioned
    No accidents
    No liens
    No mods. Completely stock
    No issues whatsoever, cosmetically or mechanically. Presented as the day it rolled off the assembly line. Zero flaws.
    25 500 original miles

    $20 000
    Car is located in Vancouver Canada
    Seller can assist with shipping
    PM for additional information if serious
    ! have a pristine Canadian built (1 of 775 I believe?) Marauder I would like to sell as I really really need to downsize (happy wife right?
    I looked for about 3 years before i came across this one owner / ZERO accidents / 41 000 kms!! like 25 500 original mile gem!
    I just spent $13 grand for a complete paint job to freshen up appearances. ZERO miles driven since. The interior is also like new. New tires / battery and ALL mechanics have always been kept up. I am over the top fastidious about pampering my cars. here is ZERO issues with this and i am, believe it or not, a very honest person who would never F someone over for the sake of $. PERIOD. I stand behind my word and the description of my car. This is a NO excuse car like it rolled off the assembly line. Nothing has been modified. Completely stock. Have the original mats / rare sales brochures. I am NOT hurting for scratch, i just need to downsize. I am a mature driver and the car was never abused.
    Please, only serious minded buyers who do not have to ask the wife for permission here.

    I have MANY pics i can send to serious buyers so just get in touch and can do. (sorry i am so not computer savvy to figure out from here to send lol
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    What color? Could you send pictures to my email or phone? or 313 363-1840. Are you located in Canada?

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