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    1996 Impala SS

    It's been a long time since I posted but I know that a few members have a sweet spot for this car as I once did.
    Real deal 96, not a clone. Well taken care of but it is a 23 year old car so there are signs of wear. Some nicely done mods also.
    No accidents and no rust issues

    Let's begin with the good...
    1. 128k miles
    2. Paint is a weak 8 out of 10, can use a good buff/polish and wax. It's a good 20 footer
    3. Interior is a strong 7 out of 10. A small hole and two rips on drivers seat bottom (common on these cars for the age) and carpet can use a cleaning. Dash has a little discoloration also
    4. Stock rims striped and polished, then powder coated clear. A few cracks but no curb rash
    5. Hotchkis extended rear trailing arms, to center the rear wheels.
    6. Hotchkis front and rear swaybar
    7. Vogtland springs (lowered the car 1.5 inches in front and rear)
    8. Bilstein shocks front and rear
    9. K&N cold air intake
    10. Custon painted and cleared 91/92 caprice tail lights
    11. Transmission rebuilt earlier this year by A1 transmission of Ga INC.
    12. New fuel pump and fuel filter
    13. Recently replaced the front brakes
    14. Windows tinted 35% including windshield
    15. AC and heat work, all windows go up and down and are on track.

    The bad...
    1. check engine light is on (code P0174. It can be anything as far as a dirty Maf or loose pcv elbow or something. I was recently told the car needs a tune up and the code will go away)
    2. Blower motor blows hard then will only blow medium after being on for a while... a while meaning 30 plus minutes. Usually when you cut the car off then back on it works correctly. This probably suggest that a blower motor will be needed soon.
    3. Besides the age of the car, the check engine light is the main flaw.

    I have owned the car for 3.5 years and have taken care of it to my best ability. I just decided that I want something new.

    The car is located in Lawrenceville Georgia, that's 30 minutes north of Atlanta.
    I am asking $7,000 for the car.
    The car itself is worth a good 7K. With a 2500 rebuilt transmission and almost 2k in suspension upgrades I feel 7k is a reasonable number
    vin number is 1G1BL52PXTR168163

    I can be reached at 770-710-4183, Mac

    Any questions you may call or text or reply to this post. Calling with get a faster response. Thank you for your time.

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