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Thread: Interest in a Fuddrucker's get together?

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    Question Interest in a Fuddrucker's get together?

    Wondering if any of the peeps have interest in a lunch/dinner meet up at the end of Oct before we all start putting the MM's away for their Winter slumber?

    Best location for me is Succasunna/Roxbury Route 10 East in the Home Depot mall. Another location is in Parsippany Route 46 East if more people like that location. Fudd's Parsippany looks to be a stand alone building.

    My choice for the date would be Sunday the 27th at around 1pm. but I could do Saturday the 26th. Just thinking it might be less crowded on the Sunday.

    What say you?
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    Unfortunately, the later in the month the better for me. My car is going into the shop the 23rd and coming out that monday or tuesday. like the 28th/29th
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    Could we push this to Saturday, Nov 2nd?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Comin' in Hot View Post
    Could we push this to Saturday, Nov 2nd?
    Can't think of a plausible reason why not. Might make it easier for TFB to come as well. Since your out in Pa. and I believe TFB is in the Parsippany area the Fuddruckers in Roxbury/Succasunna might be a good compromise. It's a bit closer for Ms. D and I as well. Still thinking 1pm so some of the big lunch crowd is finished when we arrive. If this time works for you I'll start a new thread with concrete date and time.

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    Joanne And I just returned today from a two week cruise from Bayonne to Quebec and back.
    The end of season Fuddruckers meet up is good for us.

    FYI: we hit two severe gales and Hurricane Melissa while at sea. It made for a "fun" trip.

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    Updated info in new thread....Sat Nov 2, 2019 @ 1pm

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