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Thread: Brake line leak! X@#$%

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    Perhaps I shall let Aerosmith broadcast the update

    Got the car from the shop, they power bled the ABS, stops great(Marauder "great") again. Since they broke off the bleed screws I was hoping for a break on the caliper dice. install and bleed $190 total, not too bad. But now I have new (cheapo PowerStop) rear calipers and pads, so it was an upgrade. The calipers and pads were $121 bucks at Rock auto, shipped.

    So all in around $400, parts (3/16 " Ni Cu brake line, ISO flare tool, line bending pliers, new calipers, guide pins,pads, shop work) But the MM is back! (I was bummed the whole month.) Love this car!
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