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Thread: Reliable Self-Driving Cars are still a Long Ways Off....

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    Talking Reliable Self-Driving Cars are still a Long Ways Off....

    Alarming video shows driverless Tesla car cruising down a road the wrong way after being automatically ‘summoned’ by owner using smartphone app
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    If you can afford to buy a Tesla then you can afford to die?
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    Systems become less reliable as they age --


    car companies and (all companies) want built in sales forecasts, standardized products....

    Government decides self driving cars are satistically safer than Joe/Joan Lunchbox driving while texting, drunk, old....

    Self driving is mandated except Sundays 8AM-6PM for all you "collector car guys".

    More and more self driver crashes make the news..

    Car companies tell government "reliably goes out the window at 36 months" for self drivers

    government issues you a car -- white four door, 25 airbags, no driver controls....

    car companies get - built in demand, standard configuration, no more Eddie Bauer interiors, zillion options = headaches on the line

    government gets: to decide who gets a car, how far you can drive /emit CO2...where you can live


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    What's the problem!??
    Doesn't seem to be driving any different than your typical Terdyota or Honda occupied vehicle.

    Situation normal in the DC/Baltimore area!!
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    I watched a couple of the video's posted and have to admit as bad as the Tesla feature seems to be it doesn't do any worse than the 90% of idiots who drive thruogh parking lots like they are on the checkered flag lap of the Indy 500.

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