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Thread: Has anyone figured out how to fix door armrest?

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    Has anyone figured out how to fix door armrest?

    Seems. Lot of them eventually pull out. As I was looking for a marauder I noticed so many have the door armrest pas pulled out, is there a way to push it back in and make it stay in. I haven't taken mine apart yet but was just wondering what others have done.....

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    Yes, it's common after about ten years or so for this to happen. This may help you. It seems most members have used Loctite or different brands of epoxy:

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    I used a glue by loctite for high temp heat. Clamped it down with a straight edge overnight and it held together pretty well.

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    I found that cheap super glue from the dollar store worked best for mine. Soak it then clamp for a few hours.

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    Odd. I have yet to see one that didnít look factory new?

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    Quote Originally Posted by justbob View Post
    Odd. I have yet to see one that didn’t look factory new?

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    This happens when they're not garaged all the time. the foam on back side of vinyl deteriorates and the vinyl pulls away loose.

    Happened on my mother's Sable.

    When I worked Class 8 fleet, Freightliner Century/Columbia trucks did the same thing, we used super glue and an accelerator for instant repair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justbob View Post
    Odd. I have yet to see one that didn’t look factory new?

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    almost every marauder I see now has this problem including my daily beater, my parts car, and even my last parts car 04 sport

    its common on high mile cars, I'm sure heat breaks it down over time.

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    Never heard of it, nor does my high mile beater grand marquis that has sat outside its whole life have this issue.

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    Mine are pulling out, it’s on the really long list of things to fix

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    I think it's a mileage thing, not indoor/outdoor thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent2006 View Post
    I think it's a mileage thing, not indoor/outdoor thing.
    330k miles, still perfect, always garaged.
    I do have a few spare sets of door panels, maybe that's the best fix.
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    5 minute epoxy, clamps and painters tape.
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    Mine have pulled out as well (265k miles) and its extremely irritating as my interior is otherwise flawless. I wasnt sure what to use but will give the super glue a try tomorrow.

    Interesting, usually ads pop up when you mention something but in this case a thread popped up lol.
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    my car is at 23k on the clock, mostly garaged. One pulled away slightly but I fixed it with super glue and clamps. It looks flawless again.
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    My Ď03 has 120k, and I only noticed it happening on the drivers side armrest a couple of months ago. The other three doors are fine. Iíve always had to keep mine on the driveway, just not enough room in the garage.

    I have some good glue, but will have to experiment on the best way to clamp it.

    It sucks, but Iím glad to see that others are experiencing the same issue and it isnít something I did.

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