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Thread: 41k Mile 03 Marauder Hits BringATrailer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chi Stallion View Post
    The problem is they made 11052 and thereís only 1/3 of that left. It has to be in the 3-4000 #ís of MM left in the wild. Look at the 94-96 Impala SS. It still can sell for 20-25k If itís near brand new mint and low mileage.

    Rarity =/= value in plenty of cases. GM made dozens of wacky limited production models in the 80's and 90's and most of them are long forgotten and junked.

    I will say, in the case of this car being a potential bench mark, don't think I'm only talking about it selling for a good price. If this car sells for 7300 dollars that could cause some negative repercussions for people trying to sell 80-100k mile examples for the same price. Hell I'll be on the Marauder buy/sell/trade facebook group next day offering people 500 dollars for some of the crap piles they think are worth 2500.

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    Sold for $16,000...

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    Actually, $16,200. Lots of great comments on the BaT website for the Marauder sale. I was happy to see it pull strong money. I’d call it a great benchmark for reasonably clean, original cars. It certainly doesn’t mean every 200k mile Marauder is worth gold, but I feel it’s indicative that some folks are appreciating these cars. Watching Mecum auctions, I think 16k would be strong money for a similar Impala SS... perhaps the Mercs are becoming more valuable.
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    perhaps the Mercs are becoming more valuable

    As it should, it's a better car. Not knocking the other big 4 door with the LT1 though. I've driven my share of them too. The Marauder looks, seats and handling far surpass the SS. SS feels peppier down low until you get into MM mods. Both are wonderful additions to any garage!

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    That is a solid price for the car. As much as I like the car and am still an original owner I wouldn't have been surprised if it went for $7,500 or $20,000. It is difficult to judge the value of these cars. I personally see more cars being totaled than I see on the streets anymore. But as others have said rarity doesn't always equal value. Chicago was a huge market for the MM, I can't tell you the last time I saw one besides mine. I know they are out there I just don't see them. And yes, lots of great comments on BaT

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    Mine is not going anywhere. I like driving it. Someone at a car show I was at offered me $30,000. I said no thank you.
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