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    Returning member

    Hello everyone, I'm a previous member here as well as a former owner of a black/dark flint 2003 Marauder that I purchased new in 2003. Unfortunately I got talked/lured into trading that MM on something else several years ago.The closest thing I have now is an'03 CVPI that had an easy life as an administrative/detective car. I really miss my Marauder and hope to find a nice unmolested '04 model as well as see what's going on in the Marauder community. The modern ones are definitely rare sights down in my corner of the Southeast!

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    Welcome back. What was your previous handle? Not sure if he still owns his DTR, but RayJay was in the Mertle Beach area.

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    ThanksMr. Man. I think my prev. handle was JB Car Nut or some variation of that. I'll look for RayJay in the member list.

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    Welcome back.
    I sold my original 2003 Marauder in 2008.
    Purchased another in 2017.
    2003 Marauder 300B,
    6468 out of 7839 - Thanks Brian
    Heated Seats
    35% Tint
    Mercury All Weather Mats
    Trunk Organizer - Thanks MartyO
    Sold 4/3/2009 Now resides in AL.
    1961 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
    1973 Oldsmobile Toronado
    2012 Kia Sedona van
    2016 Chev Silverado Pick Up 4X4
    2008 Corvette Convertible
    2003 Marauder 300 A Thanks Larry O 6/14/17
    2017 Prius Prime Advanced
    Member # 440
    ----- John

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    Nice 2004 DTR for sale at Hemming web site:
    03 Mercury Marauder, 300A
    2005 Lincoln Town Car, ADTR Supercharger, TCE Brake Lines, MO's Tune
    2020 Lincoln Aviator Reserve

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    If you’re interested in using your old screen name, with a Join date in 2003, message me the Hotmail email address you used to confirm your old account and I’ll merge the two, leaving you with your current email address and original screen name - jbcarnut.

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