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Thread: Spokane/Pacific Northwest Marauders

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    Spokane/Pacific Northwest Marauders

    Hey all,

    My name's Daniel, I bought my Marauder from the original owner Ron here in Spokane WA back in october, and I wanted to see who else is in the pacific northwest! If you're within a 6 hour drive of Spokane, I'd be happy to buzz over for a meetup or whatever.

    If you have instagram, you can find me there as @daniel.drives, I probably check that more often than this if you want to get in touch fast.


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    Three of us up near Vancouver Canada, 2 Trilogys and a Twin Screw We did a meet up a long time ago down in WA, but not much interest since then. Plus the whole closed border thing.

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    -New BFGs (Best Baby Shower gift EVER!)
    12.81@107.78 Oct 02/09
    -Ventilated Block Mod
    Out of commission
    -Rebuilt with:
    Teksid block/ForgedInternals/Melling oil pump/Canton windage tray/Rebuilt heads with SVT Cobra cams/Cloyes gears/ SVT Lightning MAF/Accufab TB/ MuscleMerc rear head cooling kit/ Steigy lightly ported and polished Eaton 122-
    XCal 4 Remote-tuned to PERFECTION by Jeff @ MartyO June/19

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    You guys are way faster than me, mine's completely stock with 183k miles. I'm planning on making a couple westside trips this summer, we'll figure it out when it gets closer

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    Hi Daniel, nice to E-meet you! sorry for the delay in responding. I haven't been as active on this forum in awhile. Regardless we have a good contingent of Marauder/Panther enthusiasts here in Seattle. Unfortunately due to Covid, not many shows or meet ups in 2020... but regardless, we are always up to hang. If you make it west here to Seattle, send me a PM and we can figure logistics and stuff out!

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    Don't forget us NorCal Marauders! We should have a Vegas Covid Meet this year!

    2003 300A Black, #4918 of 7838, 17,400 Miles
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    2003 CV Sport Matador Red, 19,280 Miles, DD, Curless Full Service Royal flush, Marto Tune, 18 Chrome Wheels w 235/265 front/back Nitto tires, NEW OEM Sport Springs -1 coil & Monroe Severe Duty (front) shocks, Addco front and rear sway bars, KYB rear Shocks, Carfixer Alignment.

    2004 CV HPP Silver Birch, 93,000 miles. Son's DD, 18 Chrome Wheels w 235/265 front/back Nitto tires (thank you Lowndex!)

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    Yesss i live in vegas let me know when

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