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Thread: Air bag light is on

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    Air bag light is on

    Today I took apart my dashboard because I had a blown bulb in the speedo cluster. Since I had it apart anyway, I decided to replace all the dash cluster light bulbs with LEDs while I had it apart. I had to constantly plug test and unplug the cluster many times because the bulbs I got were sensitive to voltage polarity. Eventually I got all the bulbs working but when I put it back together, my air bag light comes on. It doesn't flash any codes. It starts solid during the normal bulb test when you first start the car, then it turns off as you would expect. About 10 seconds after the light turns off, it turns back on solid and stays on. Does anyone know what this means? This warning was never lit before until I opened my dash to change out the bulbs.

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    something isnt happy.

    double check your work

    if the airbag light isnt functioning you will get an audible alarm
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    You don't say what you're driving but if you have a passenger air bag light make sure it's plugged in.

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    I just wanted to provide an update on what happened here. I've been driving with the airbag light on for a while (waiting for a break in the heat) and I just opened the dashboard back up this morning. I removed the LED bulb from the airbag indicator light and put the incandescent bulb back in and it seems that fixed the issue. Apparently either the low resistance or low power draw across the LED bulb is what was triggering the airbag error. It works perfectly with the incandescent bulb back in the indicator.

    I retained the LED illumination on the gauges and turn signals, but I've returned all the indicator bulbs to incandescent. There were a lot of indicators that were glowing dimly with the LED bulbs that you could easily see at night.

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