As I've matured in car ownership and customization, I've realized how much I like things to look stock. Bluetooth has turned into one of those "must haves" for me in a car. EVERY aftermarket radio I've seen is either gaudy, or devoid of any buttons (I think having buttons is safer in a car so you can feel your way around and don't have to take your eyes off the road).

What I settled on is this little gem:

YEP! It's a cassette adapter with Bluetooth! Pair your phone with the adapter, and when you want to stream, or take a call, just push it in and BOOM audio through your car's speakers!
The little wire coming off the adapter has a mic built into it for phone calls. I've been using mine for several months and never had an issue with call quality.

I mean, who's listening to cassettes these days anyways? Might as well put that tape deck to use!