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Thread: Different dipstick lengths?

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    Different dipstick lengths?

    Not Marauder specific question but I am hoping someone knows the answer. I have 3 dipsticks and tubes in my possession. One out of a Crown Vic with 4.6, one out of 2006 Navigator with 3v 5.4 and a Lockar made for both 4.6 and 5.4.

    When laying them out side by side they each one shows different oil level in the pan. The 5.4 3v Navigator dipstick reads an inch or more lower than the Crown Vic dipstick. Lockar reads the highest of the 3. I was under the assumption that all Modulars should have same oil level. So, what gives? What should the correct level be from the bottom of the engine block?

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    When I got my Lokar dispstick I filled the car with 6qts of oil and then noted where on the dipstick it was. In this case, it was perfectly at the full mark. On other vehicles I’ve made my own mark on the dipstick with a metal file if I felt the original was not where I wanted. This doesn’t really answer your question other than, I don’t trust the mark on the dipstick until I see it for myself after an oil change.

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    I have a Lokar dip stick and it's marks correspond to how much oil is in the pan.
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