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Thread: Finally got a Marauder! Only took 18 years...

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    Finally got a Marauder! Only took 18 years...

    I've wanted a Marauder since they came out when I was a young deputy sheriff. I was searching for them the other day and came across this gem on Autotrader.

    2004 Silver Birch 300B, sunroof...oh....and a little something extra under the hood. Procharger installed by Reinhart per the seller.

    Flew out to CA to pick it up with a friend and road trip it back to Atlanta.

    Only notable issues are a lack of power steering and a weak alternator. Going to fix the alt when I get home and have the PS fixed in the near future.

    This will be my weekend/project car. Daily is a 2020 Explorer ST in Atlas Blue.

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    Nice find she looks to be a gem.

    You failed to attach the most important pic. A shot of the engine bay.
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    Nice car! definitely cool with the sunroof no doubt about it.

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    Looks like it double other post has the pics and the money (engine bay) shot! :-D

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