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Thread: First visit to Mo's!

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    First visit to Mo's!

    Copied and paraphrased from another thread I posted in Shop Talk. After visiting Mo's for the first time with my new-to-me Marauder I wanted to share my experience.

    I can't say enough good things about the guys at Mo's. It's hard enough to find an HONEST shop nowadays, let alone one that specializes in such a niche car only 20 minutes from my house. They were very up front about what needed replacement / repair vs what didn't, what could be kept as it was, what could be upgraded, what I could do myself, etc. I didn't feel pressured in the least. Honestly, it just felt like a group of fellow enthusiasts who also happen to run a shop. With the exception of 1 repair that may still be covered under Ford recall Mo's is the only shop I'll consider.

    NOW. With that said...seeing all the amazing Marauders and Mustangs and Crown Vics and other kickass cars around the shop, my wallet was screaming for me to get the hell out of there! They've done some amazing work on some amazing cars. Every time I mentioned a mod that I'd heard of or thought about they just showed me a car where they'd done it.

    Can't wait for them to get it back to it's original glory!

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    Been there, done that. 10 hours on a trailer however.. Worth every mile!

    At 9MPG...

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    My first Marauder was there in 2013 for vortech s/c install, then in 2014 my 2nd Marauder was there straight from purchase. Then there again in 2017 for upgrades. Now my 67 Chevelle wagon is there right now for MO treatment. I live 680 miles away.
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    Thanks to Marty O for his help in updating this car.

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    Hmmm. Wonder if I could setup an AirBNB Mo-tel for out of town Marauder owners . No nightly charge, I just get to test drive your car when Mo's is done with it lol!

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    My 1st trip to Mo's (pay attention to post 35):

    My 2nd trip to Mo's:

    Marty & crew are great!

    My review after 1st trip to Mo's:

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    I am just flat out jealous! My first, second, and third, and fourth Mo's shop purchases and services were done by phone. He also personally saved my cross country trip (breakdown) on a Sunday! "Pull the car a little closer to the phone!"
    Can't wait to get there live and in person.

    Owe him one... or three... And owe his wife one too (for the Sunday assistance)!

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    I visited in 2016 for some work and was great. Marty, Jeff and staff know their stuffs. Need to get back there soon for some tuning after headers and minor odds and ends. Definitely worth the road trip.

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