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Thread: TCE Hose inspection

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    TCE Hose inspection

    Hi All

    Wanted to reach as many folks as possible so I'm posting this here.

    If you purchased a rear or four line SS hose kit in the past few months please verify you have the proper BUBBLE flare ends on all four lines. My supplier mistakenly produced some rear hoses with INVERTED flare.

    The difference is obvious compared to the fronts- of which appear to be all correct.....The bubble is a concave seat whereas the inverted has a small nipple like end pointing up at you inside.

    If you have them installed and are not leaking I may suggest it best left alone. Removing them to look and replacing them will result in greater effort and likely a flaring of the hardline.

    Any questions please EMAIL me directly, not pm or replies here. I'll need your date of purchase roughly to find your old invoice and get you a new set out as soon as I have them in stock. Probably about a week.
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    Good to see you here Todd!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peace2Peep View Post
    Good to see you here Todd!
    Thanks. Wish I came with some better news. I hate having to deal with this stuff as much as the customer does.
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