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Thread: Transaction with BackNBlack

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    Transaction with BackNBlack

    I purchased a set of original non-resonated Megs tips from him and the transaction not only went smoothly, the shipping was actual cost and the tips were packed like a BOSS! It took me almost 15 minutes to unpack one of them! I was so amazed by the packing of these babies, I decided to only open the one fully for a few pics. They look amazing and are wrapped:

    1. In tissue paper, to avoid any scratching

    2. In newspaper from 2004, so basically they haven't been touched since they were produced.

    3. In plastic sleeve, to seal out moisture and bugs.

    3. Bubblewrap, to avoid dings.

    4. Packing paper. to keep them safe in the box.

    5. Large thick box, that took all the shipping abuse given them.

    These arrived super fast and in amazing condition! If BackNBlack offers anything up for sale, you can know it will be done right!


    Dr. Griffin

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