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Thread: Quickie about the SCT tuner

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    Question Quickie about the SCT tuner

    Do you need to return to the stock tune before you use a different performance tune, or can you change from one tune to another w/o returning to stock first i.e.. 3.55 to 4,10?

    All on the same tuner.

    Just wondering as the tuner didn't come with directions.

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    No need to return to stock . I had the same ? When I installed gears Marty ochs said just switch and it worked

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    you just re-program the car with the changes for the gearing, no need to revert to stock first. Going back to stock is only to divorce the handheld from the PCM.

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    Use a gps app to make sure the mph is same as dash, I had to adjust My tire revs a bit to correct it.

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    Thanks for the responses.

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