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    After 15 years off ownership, I think it is time to sell my Marauder. I can no longer justify the expenses to keep it as I don't drive it much any more. Just once this year and that was from storage to home where it has sat since April 19th. Last year half a dozen times max,(Most were for emissions testing, when I store the car I disconnect the battery which in turn deletes the PCM memory, then I have to drive it get the PCM memory back up to pass emissions.)

    It has been stored every winter season since I purchased it in July 2005, I am the second owner. I have had done several modifications to it. The biggest one was 8 years ago when I put it in the capable hands of Zack McGrath for the engine and trans mod. It currently has 2 tunes, One for the standard premium gas and one for E85. I could not be happier with Zack's work, it has given me no problems and with E85 in the tank it dynoed at 550 HP and 450 TQ.

    Currently the only problem with the car, is the adjustable pedals(I have Chris Curless' repair kit just haven't installed it.) And I have the original radio in it that has the FM fade out problem.

    Zack chronicled the engine and trans build on The Chicago Garage website, if I can find it, I will update this page with the link.

    I could ramble on about how much fun this sleeper is, but I might actually run out of space.

    Anyway I am asking $19,000 OBO and would like to have it sold by the end of October so I don't have to store it.

    If not sold by then, I will end the sale and relist it come spring of next year.

    One of the attached pics show 36,700 and some change, it currently has 36,900 and change. (Pics were taken in July of 2018 for Hagerty Insurance)

    If you have any questions just send me a PM here and I will try and get back to you a soon as possible.

    Thanks to all in this forum for all the ideas and help you have provided over the years.

    Jeff Spicer
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    Build Date 8/2002
    Procharger #23 upgraded to 16 lbs O'Boost
    Zack Motors E-85/93 engine build
    4149 of 7839
    34,500 miles
    4:10 Gears
    Detroit Tru-Trac
    P.I. Torque Converter
    Tuned by Tim Barth at Mr. Norms

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