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Thread: Need some help - air spring replacement

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    Need some help - air spring replacement

    My ‘03 was sagging when it sat, but the compressor ran even I turned it on and it raised up the suspension like it should. I ordered a set of replacement air springs and just installed them. Replaced the o-rings for the solenoids as well. Now when I turn the car on and turn on the air suspension, I get the compressor to run for awhile but it won’t come up to proper height. I felt the LR spring as it was filling and it had pressure. Then the compressor stopped and I heard a little “whoosh” - no more pressure in the spring. Any ideas? I double checked that the solenoid is still in the spring.

    is it safe to run the air suspension with the rear raised up? It’s hard to tell what’s going on
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    Figured it out.. solenoids weren’t fully seated. It’s always something stupid ��
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    Glad to read that it was a non costly solution there.
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